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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Fixing Family Tree Maker

Since I have been upgrading Family Tree Maker every year I have found some of my facts and places have become mixed up and very untidy. Luckily Family Tree Maker has built in maps and has a facility to resolve place names.

I decided that seeing I want to put a number of my files in order and make sure I have added all the data and information I have collected I needed to fix all the problems in my Trees up before I add any more information. Considering I have thousands of names this is taking me some time. The ability of FTM to resolve all place names of the same name is a great feature, but unfortunately it will not resolve all place names. I will have to find out if there is a way around this. Also after I had upgraded to edition 17 a number of my facts are in the wrong place, so that will take me several hours rearranging.

Then I am going to work on Gordon's family tree on his mothers side. The surnames are Burrell, Chaston, Whitford or Whiteford, Walker, Wynne, Boothroyde, Gold or Gould, Finney. A number of them came out as convicts, many to Tasmania. Years after I have already got most of their records, many of them are now being digitised. There is a lot more information now on the Tasmanian Archives website and it is well worth going back to regularly to see what else they have available and also State Records NSW have information on NSW convicts

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