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Friday, January 18, 2013

Edmund Harrison: A Brickwall Broken Part 2

I have finally found the time to publish the second part of my research on my "brick wall" ancestor Edmund Harrison. He was my great great grandfather and although he did many things for the community during his time in Australia I am not quite sure he did the same for his families. As you will see, he seemed to have several families on the go, at the same time and when he returned to England with several of his children, he put the rest of his children and "wives" out of his mind and they were left to fend for themselves.  One thing in my research I have found, is the importance of continually going back and researching your ancestor again and again. The number of resources that have continually become available in the last few years has been quite dramatic. I have been researching this family for nearly eighteen years and it is probably only in the last five years that I have really been able to put this amount of detail together. Even in the last six months I have found new newspapers digitised on Trove and other resources available digitally online such as at the State Library of Victoria.

I have recorded information on this particular ancestor in a timeline.  I felt this was the best way to try and keep track of his movements. As you will see he seemed to be all about the place and with the families he had I was trying to keep track of who was born when and where. This will make it easier to add more information in the future and even perhaps write a short story.

1831:   Edmund Harrison baptised at West Hackney along with his sister Emily on February 3rd. He was the son of George Berkeley Harrison, Wine Merchant and Anna Dunant of Shacklewell Lane, Hackney.


         The picture above was drawn in about 1848 by Salome of the family. I believe Edmund is the one on the far right as the would have been about 20 at the time. (Thanks to Phillip Bury for a copy of this drawing.)
1850:    Ellen Lonergan, his wife/partner to be was born in Tipperary, to parents William (John) Lonergan (Farmer) and Mary Lonergan nee Power.
1851:   Edmund and his family in London Census at 13 Gloucester Gardens, Paddington. His occupation is listed like his father as Wine Merchant.
1853:   Found an Edmund and George Harrison arriving in Melbourne 13th May 1853 from Liverpool on the Eagle. Edmund listed as a Merchant.  A copy of pages of  “The Eagle Herald” can be found and the original can be viewed at the State Library of Victoria.  Some of the editing was done by E.H. could this be Edmund and the beginning of his career as a Journo and Editor.

            The Eagle Herald was a weekly newspaper published aboard the "Eagle" ship. Francis Boyce was the Commander during the passage from Liverpool to Melbourne. The ship left Liverpool on February 22 and arrived at Melbourne on May 14 1853.
The Herald was started up among the traveller's to relieve the monotony of the long sea voyage. It was printed in Melbourne as a memorial of the eleven week trip at the Morning Herald office in Little Collins St in 1853. The Editor was William G Murray and sub editors James Scott and Duncan Drummond. During their travels the temperature and conditions were recorded three times a day. The hottest temperature reached was 83 degrees on 12th March at lat 4 20 long 23 26, shortly before they would have crossed the Equator. The lowest temperature was 41 degrees on April 19th at lat 44 39 long 41 47 with a strong south westerly wind.

They sighted a number of places and ships on their voyage out, the first being on March 8th called St Antonio, an island off Cape de Verd. (These are islands off the west coast of Africa from Senegal.)  On Monday 14th they were signalled by the “Providence” from Port au Prince, Cuba on its way to London. It was noted in the records that they had crossed the equator at 1 o'clock in the morning of the 14th. On the 25th March they came alongside the ship “Gomelza” which was 37 days from Liverpool bound for Port Adelaide and then on 26th at noon they came upon the “Argaum” that was 43 days from Glasgow bound for Port Phillip. On the 29th they came upon the barque “Lord Haddo” which was 42 days from Glasgow bound for Moulmein in the East Indies.

It was recorded in the newspaper that a Discussion society be organised to debate various topics. Mr Harrison was part of one of those discussions on the topic “ought Australia be independent?” So, even back in those days people were already thinking about creating an independent nation.

On the 5th April Gough's island was sighted. (This is out in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean.) They had passed the Cape of Good Hope on the 3rd.

Editing for the newspaper E. H. asking for articles to be delivered to his berth c41 intermediate.

By now they were in the Southern Oceans and by mid-April had hit a rather large storm.

On the 26th April they were on the last leg of their journey and passed Point Nepean. The weather was now quite cold.

On arriving in Port Phillip the commander advised them of how to get their luggage to shore. On their trip there had been one death, two births and a marriage.
Edmund was named as a local correspondent for the "Herald" [1] in Bendigo, Victoria.

This photo is supposed to have been taken in 1853 and was part of a larger piece described below in “Pioneers of Bendigo”
An Edmund Harrison was found on the old VicGold website that is now defunct. It states he was born 1826 London, England and married in 1853 to Jane McGee born 1835 Fermanagh, Ireland.
1854:   Ernest Harrison born to Edmund and Jane
1856:   Thursday 11 December 1856 The Bendigo Advertiser contains an article published by Edmund Harrison named as Hon. Sec. of the Bendigo Gold District General Hospital.

Walter Ernest Harrison born to Edmund and Jane
Bendigo Advertiser Friday 16 January 1857- Edmund must have been having an altercation with the Ballarat Courier as mentioned in this piece.
Mr. Harrison and " The. Courier.'"—We observe that a difference has arisen between the Courier and Mr. Edmund Harrison, at present corre spondent for the Argus. In yesterday's Courier the subject is continued, and this gentleman's connection with this journal is pretty freely descanted upon. It seems to us that Mr. Harrison's opponents would have done well to confine themselves to a discussion of the truth of the statements in question, without unnecessarily drag ging in this gentleman's connection with the Bendigo Advertiser, and ignorantly imputing to him a share in the discussion of certain subjects. In consequence of the insinuations contained in some of the remarks which have appeared, we feel bound to state that Mr. Harrison's connection with this journal, both as Reporter and Sub-editor, was highly creditable to him and satisfactory to us.
Thursday 16 April 1857Bendigo Advertiser  publishing a letter on behalf of the Puddler's who had suffered losses after being moved from their sites. He again requested a letter be published on Monday 20 April 1857 in regards to compensation for the Puddler's.

Bendigo Advertiser Wednesday 6 May 1857-Edmund was elected as a member of the Local Court. An owner of an opposing paper must have taken a dislike to Edmund and written some unpleasant words about him. Edmund wrote a scathing letter back which was published in the paper.

Bendigo Advertiser Friday 8 May 1857 Another letter was written describing the goings on in this matter and Edmund was described by an opponent as a “Turkey Fly” of which no one knows what that is supposed to mean. 

Several mentions appear in the coming months about some of his decisions that people were unhappy with.

Bendigo Advertiser Thursday 25 June 1857 lists himself in an advertisement for a petition relating to the Land Bill and asking for people to sign this petition. He lists himself as the Honorary Secretary of this group “The
Victorian Land League”. This advertisement appeared for several months.

Bendigo Advertiser Friday 21 August 1857- An advertisement for a meeting of the subscribers of the Bendigo Hospital convened a meeting with Edmund listed as one of these members. He is listed as being at Williamson St.

Bendigo Advertiser Monday 28 December 1857- A letter written by Edmund
{To the Editor of the Bendigo Advertiser.)
Sir,—in your report- of the late fire, you give undue prominence to my name, as connected with the saving of Mr. Denovan's property. I did no more than others. The promptitude of the removal was the result of the exertions of the many that assisted, and notonlv of those of

1858:   Arthur Harrison born to Edmund and Jane

Edmund mentioned in The Argus Thursday 25 March 1858 as attending a public meeting of the Bendigo Puddler's also mentioned in The Bendigo Advertiser.
“The meeting was numerously attended. Mr   Iron was unanimously voted to the chair, and the following gentlemen were appointed a committee to draw up petitions to the Go-vernment, the Municipal Council, and the Mining Board-namely, Robert Woods, James Iron, Edmund Harrison, William Living- stone, and W.D.C. Denovan. It was agreed that a second meeting should be held this evening, at 8 o'clock, of the same parties, in the same place, for the purpose of signing the petitions, and transacting other business. The meeting held yesterday was very unanimous in favor of obtaining compensation, and a strong feeling prevailed against the removal of any machine unless proper damages were allowed by the Government to all parties injured”

          The Bendigo Adveriser Thursday 8 July 1858- Wondering how Edmund now claims himself as a gold broker and wondering if this is in any way connected to his father’s links with Life assurance companies back in England.  He is listed as having offices at Pall Mall in Sandhurst (Bendigo). Advertisements for this company appeared up until 1859

The Bendigo Adveriser Thursday 16 September 1858- Edmund must have been put forward as a Wardenship for the Goldfields as long letter was written as to why Edmund and his ilk were not suitable for the job.
1859:   Bendigo Advertiser Thursday 28 July 1859
A court case was referred to in the paper listing Edmund Harrison as being called to give an account of the proceedings of a perjury case O’Keefe versus Lawson. At this time he is listed as being the sub-editor of The Mercury.(The Bendigo Mercury was a paper that only lasted until 1860)
1860:   Frank Harrison born to Edmund and Jane


Stolen from a box belonging to Edmund Harrison, left in a yard in La Trobe street west, before daylight on the 20th instant a new pair of oxford mixture and an old pair of black trousers, a black frock coat somewhat worn, a black cloth vest, 4 old vests, 3 flannel undervests, 2 night shirts, 7 day shirts buttoning at the back made for studs, 3 day shirts marked E. Harrison, a pair of merino pants, 2 pair of old cotton pants, 2 old under vests, an under blanket, and a pair of upper blankets, 2 pair of socks, 5 pair of stockings, 5 black silk neckties, a crimson comforter, a pair of braces, 10 cotton and 2 silk pocket handkerchiefs, an oblong mahogany dressing case, with shaving, nail, and toothbrushes, glass on the lid, and large oval hair brush; and a box containing water colours and mathematical instruments.-24th June, 1861.

Reference in the "History of Ballarat" by W. B. Withers -  "The Tribune came next, appearing on the 21st November 1861, and ending on the 11th July, 1863, Mr Harrison, previously of the Ballarat Times being the manager and editor, and at last sole proprietor."  It is noted also in this reference that the Ballarat Times appeared between 4th March 1854 to 5th October 1861. When Edmund worked at the Times is unknown.

Found him listed in the Ballaarat East Petty Sessions Register 31st July, 1861[2]
Complainant CB Hinchman, Defendant Edmund Harrison, Cause Ejectment. To recover ????? property of complainant under 11 Vic L-2. Decision: No approval of warrant???. Warrant to ?????????

The Ballarat Star - Saturday 28 December 1861
Edmund had attended an evening's entertainment by J R Black at the Mechanics Institute.

1862:   Maud Harrison born to Edmund and Jane.

The Ballarat Star - Thursday 24 April 1862
At the Eastern Police Court E.T Woods v Edmund Harrison 4 pounds balance for work and labour. This case was dismissed.
The Ballarat Star  - Friday 28 November 1862
County Court Quinn v Harrison to recover a sum of money for work done,
The Ballarat Star - Friday 5 December 1862
Heffernan v Edmund Harrison to recover money for work and labour done.

1863:   VICTORIA POLICE GAZETTE    August 6, 1863

            A Warrant of  commitment, in default of distress, has been issued at Ballaarat West, at the suit of Francis R. Mitchison, against Edmond Harrison, aged about 35, 5 feet 7 inches high, slender build, about 10stone weight, sallow complexion, thin face, sharp features, small mouth, thin lips, long  and pointed chin, small well-shaped feet, smart, quick and active gait, and general
            appearance that of a clerk or business man: wore brown suit and white hat.  He was formerly editor of the Tribune, Ballaarat.  He is supposed to be about Ballaarat.-5th August, 1863.

Further investigation showed the Ballarat Tribune was established in 1861, the office was in Main Road, Ballarat.  The Printer and Publisher was Henry John Turner for the Proprietor Edmund Harrison of Bridge Street, Ballarat.

The Ballarat Star - Friday 15 May 1863
District Police Court Thursday 14th May. Edward Vine v Edmund Harrison for work; order for amounts and costs.

The Argus - Friday 14 August 1863
An Indenture of Assignment was set up between Edmund Harrison newspaper proprietor and John Smith Carver and John Allen Harvey to pay off his creditors .(This also appeared in The Ballarat Star on the same day.)

Victorian Government Gazette 1863 Part 3
NOTICE is hereby given that by indenture of assignment,
bearing date the eleventh day of August, 1863, made
between Edmund Harrison, of Ballaarat, newspaper proprietor,
of the first part; John Smith Carver and John Allen Harvey,
both of Ballaarat, therein described, being trustees for the purposes
therein mentioned of the second part ; and the several
persons whose names and seals are subscribed and affixed
to the schedule A to said indenture, being severally and respectively
creditors of the said Edmund Harrison, of the third
part ; all and singular the personal estate, goods, chattels, credits,
and effects of the said Edmund Harrison, particularly
mentioned in the schedules B and C to said indenture, were
assigned, transferred, and set over unto the said John Smith
Carver and John Allen Harvey, upon trust for the benefit of the
creditors of the said Edmund Harrison. And notice is further
given that the said indenture was duly executed by the said
Edmund Harrison, in the presence of, and attested by
James Baker, of Ballaarat aforesaid, one of Her Majesty's justices
of the peace for the colony of Victoria, and is now lying
at the office of Mr. Henry Cuthbert, solicitor, Lydiard street,
Ballaarat, for inspection and execution by said creditors.
Dated this eleventh day of August, 1863.
JAMES BAKER, J.P. No. 1343

The Hobart Mercury Tasmania – 24 February 1864
In the lists of letters posted with insufficient stamps Edmund Harrison Esq. Herald Office, Melbourne.       

1864:   Miriam Harrison born to Edmund and Jane
1865:   Listed in the Bendigo Directory and in local Rate Records as being a Resident of  Mackenzie Street, Bendigo, occupation Journalist.
            Ellen Lonergan would have arrived in Victoria about this time.
1866:   Rate records list his residence at The Brown House, Vine Street, Bendigo.
            He is supposed to have married Ellen Lonergan in Bendigo about this time.
            Blanche Harrison born to Edmund and Jane
1867:   Edmund and Ellen's first child Louis Harrison is born at Sandhurst.
1868:   Shared the Editorial responsibility of "The Bendigo Advertiser" with J.B. Thompson in these years
1869:   Shared the Editorial responsibility of "The Bendigo Advertiser" with J.B. Thompson in these years.
Listed as a member of the Yorick Club in Melbourne.
            Edmund Harrison born to Edmund and Jane and died 1947 Kyneton, age 78.
1870:   Shared the Editorial responsibility of "The Bendigo Advertiser" with J.B. Thompson in these years.[3]
10th October 1870 Victorian Police Gazette
EDMUND HARRISON is charged, on warrant, with deserting his
child in care of Elizabeth Smith, at Melbourne, on the 5th
instant. He is English, a reporter or clerk, aged 40, 5 feet S
inches high, very thin build, black hair turning grey, small red
whiskers and moustache, grey eyes, sunken cheeks, all the upper
front teeth gone; a member of the Yorick Club; well known
to writers for the press; wore dark trousers and coat, and dark
belltopper with black band.-10th October 1870.
November 8th 1870 Police Gazette
EDMUND HARRISON, charged with deserting his child, in care
of Elizabeth Smith, has been arrested by the Echuca police,
Mclvor.-3rd November 1870.

The Bendigo Advertiser - Saturday 31 December 1870


Friday, 30th December.

Amongst, the on dits of the day, as to electioneering matters, is one that Mr. Edmund Harrison, a well-known journalist, for many years in Melbourne, Ballarat, and Sandhurst, and 0ne who took a prominent part, in the early political struggles of the colony, will offer himself for Mandurang at the forthcoming election.

            A Mrs Harrison is listed in the Victorian directory at Fitzroy (This may be Ellen?)

1871:   Jessie Harrison is born in Fitzroy, to Edmund and Ellen.

            The McIvor Times and Rodney Advertiser - Friday 6 January 1871
Mr Edmund Harrison a well known journalist will, it is said offer himself for Mandurang at the forthcoming election.(News of this also appeared in The Argus and The Bendigo Advertiser)

            The Argus  Monday January 2nd
Mr Edmund Harrison and Mr J B Thompson are spoken of as intending to place themselves in nomination, the former for Mandurang and the later for one of the Ballarat constituencies. (Legislative Assembly)

The Bendigo Advertiser - Monday 23 January 1871
“Rodney Election – The Riverine Herald”Mr Edmund Harrison’s announcement of his candituture for Rodney appears in the advertising columns of the same journal.

The Argus - Wednesday January 25th  - Mr E. Harrison has  placed himself  in candidature for Rodney. (Legislative Assembly)

The Argus - Thursday February 16
Mr E. Harrison has retired from his candidature in Rodney.
The Bendigo Advertiser - Friday 17 February 1871
Mr. Edmund Harrison I find retires from the contest, for Rodney, I believe more on the ground that he will not peril the return of a man of independent principles than any other cause.

The Sands and McDougall Directory have Edmund Harrison listed as a printer in Kyneton.
1872:   A Mrs Harrison is listed in the Melbourne directory at 196 Moor Street, Fitzroy. (This may be Ellen, as no Mr Edmund Harrison is listed).
            Herbert Harrison born to Edmund and Jane. (Have a copy of the birth certificate.)
1873:   Edmund Harrison (Jnr) is born in Fitzroy. Found an Edmund Harrison listed in the SA Advertiser as a passenger on the Tararus Steamer leaving Port Adelaide for Port Darwin via Newcastle. I don’t think this is our Edmund but can’t find out what he was doing in this time frame.
1874:   Edmund Harrison listed in Sands and McDougall Directory at 80 Gore St, Fitzroy
1875:   Minna Gertrude Harrison is born in Fitzroy. Edmund Harrison in Directory at 99 Gore St, Fitzroy.
1876:   Listed as a member of the Yorick Club in Melbourne.

1877:   Ellen May Harrison born in Fitzroy.
            The Bendigo Advertiser - The Elections.—Mr. Edmund Harrison, of the Geelong Advertiser, publishes his address to the electors of Barwon in yesterday morning's issue of that journal. He announces himself in favor of the Berry platform.

The Argus - Friday April 20th (This was also recorded in The Gippsland Times and The Camperdown Chronicle on the same day)
Mr Edmund Harrison one of the candidates for Barwon has intimated to the electors that he has determined ‘to retire from the contest. He states that he “will not submit to that selection of candidate which in the interests of the Liberal party is inevitable”, and therefore retires.
1878:   31st May Edmund Harrison marries Fanny Allen at All Saints Church of England, St Kilda, Victoria.

The Argus
            Thursday 14th November
A letter by him is published, where he mentions being the editor of the Geelong Advertiser. He mentions his name at the end including the Yorick Club.
 From research on this, "The Yorick Club was the outcome of the literary and Bohemian spirits who used then to assemble nightly at the CafĂ© of the Theatre Royal to discuss coffee and intellectual subjects. These gatherings grew so large in the course of time that it was found necessary, in order to keep the communion up, to secure accommodation where the flow of genius, if nothing else, might have full play without interruption and intrusion from those deemed outside the particular and shining pale. Accordingly a room was rented and furnished in Bohemian fashion, with some cane chairs, a deal table, a cocoa-nut matting and spittoons. In this the first meeting was held in order to baptise the club. The meeting in question debated, with the assistance of sundry pewters and pipes—not empty, gentle reader—the subject warmly from the first proposition made by Clarke, that the club should be called “Golgotha,” or the place of skulls, to the last, “alas, poor Yorick!” This brief name was accepted as appropriate, and the somewhat excited company adjourned to a Saturday night’s supper at a jovial Eating-House, too well known to fame".[4]
1879:   At some stage Edmund and his wife Fanny travelled to New Zealand and on 11 August 1879 George Berkeley Harrison Jnr is born at Turner St, Auckland, New Zealand.
Birth notice in the New Zealand Herald, Volume XVI, Issue 5545, 25 August 1879, Page 4

1881:   The birth of this daughter was not recorded but was listed on her mother’s death certificate. Violet Dunant Harrison was born this year in New Zealand.
Birth notice in the New Zealand Herald, Volume XVII, Issue 5852, 19 August 1880, Page 4

1882:   Walter Ernest Harrison’s marriage to Annie Leete states he was born at Sandhurst and states his father’s profession as Newspaper Editor. (Marriage Record 2760)
1885:   Cannot find the registration of this birth  but from other records Constance Harrison was born on 18th March 1885 in Melbourne, Victoria to an unknown mother.
The Argus - Thursday 26 March 1885

HARRISON. —On the 18th inst., at Moonee Ponds, the wife of Edmund Harrison of a daughter. (TROVE)
I did find a Harrison listed in the Sands and Kenny Directory of 1886 at Eglington St, Moonee Ponds.
I found a Mrs E Harrison at 30 Victoria St West (possibly means in Collingwood or Fitzroy).

1888:   On the 14th August, Louis (Bookkeeper) married Agnes Lang [5](Born Fitzroy c1867), parents William Lang, Merchant and Alice Wagner, at Saint Peters C of E East Melbourne.  Witnesses were Arthur Cant and Helena Gough. They were both residents of Fitzroy at the time.

1891:   1891 Census of England – County of London, Parish of Paddington, Ecclesiastic Parish of Holy Trinity. 12 Gloucester Cres. Edmund Harrison, Occupation was noted as living on his own means. Listed as married. Born London, Lodger aged 62 listed with Violet Harrison, daughter aged 10 born New Zealand and Constance Harrison Aged 6 born (looks like Victoria SA?). No Mrs Harrison and was lodging with a widow Clare E Clark and her children Ethel and Mabel
            Jane Harrison nee McGee died at Kyneton and Edmund is stated as her husband on death record and age 57. (Death Record 2369)
            Sands and Kenny Victorian Directory: From 1889 found a Mrs Fanny Harrison living at 117 Napier St Fitzroy and then 69 Hoddle St.
            In 1890 Louis Harrison was living at 115 Hotham St Collingwood, 1891 at 111 Hotham St, 1894 and 1895 at 90 Hotham St. Mrs Ellen Harrison in 1890 was at 190 Wellington St, Collingwood and then in 1894 and 1895 was near her son at 117 Hotham St.
1892:   Mrs Ellen Harrison in Sands and McDougall directory at 3 King William St, Fitzroy.
Note: The Bendigo Advertiser Saturday 23 June 1894 – mentions the existence of
A photographic picture has just been pre-   pared which should possess a deep interest for Bendigonians and all who have connections with the great goldfield throughout the colony. Its title is "Pioneers of Bendigo," and it comes from the studio of Mr. H. Hansen, photo grapher, M'Crae-street, to the order of Mr. Richard Walker, of Melbourne. It is certainly one of the most remarkable and interesting pictures ever produced from any studio consider- ing the difficulty the artist had to contend with owing to the different kinds of photos supplied, many of them being much decayed, he has been most successful in reproducing the features in a very distinct form. The picture contains no fewer than 472 likenesses of the pioneers of Bendigo representing the period of its history between 1851 and 1860, but the great majority of them are taken from the time between 1851-6. The picture is 6 feet by 4½ feet. Edmund Harrison is one of the pioneers in this photograph.

Thanks to the Bendigo Historical Society I was able to identify which of the faces was Edmund. 

1896:   Mrs Ellen Harrison listed in Directory at 117 Hotham St, Collingwood, until 1900.
1897:   On the 24th November Jessie Harrison married James Keefe [6](Coach Builder).  He was born at Brighton c1871 to John Keefe (Driver) and Mary Dean and was residing at Collingwood as was Jessie. They were married at Saint Joseph's Catholic Church Collingwood.  Their witnesses were Edmund Harrison and Minna Harrison.
1900:  On the 2nd May Minna Gertrude Harrison (Tailoress) was married to John Joseph McCaffrey[7] (Butcher) of Richmond at Saint Joseph's Catholic Church, Collingwood.  John was born in 1872 at Castlemaine, Victoria to Phillip McCaffrey (Driver) and Catherine Brady from Fermanagh, Eire[8].  Witnesses at the wedding were James Keefe and Ellen Harrison.

The Bendigo Advertiser - Saturday 22 September 1900
A Pioneer by Bert Levy  No. V111
Excerpt –
 "A commission of inquiry, which had been sitting at Ballarat. and elsewhere, arrived, in   Bendigo on the 1st January, '55, and a meeting of . the. Goldfields' Reform League was held to receive them. Messrs. Westgarth, Fawkner, and other members of the commission attended this meeting of the league, and asked its members to appoint deputies to represent the diggers on the commission. This request was complied with, and the fol lowing gentlemen were appointed to represent the diggers accordingly Mr. Edmund Harrison (correspondent, of the Melbourne "Morning Herald" who had been throughout the agitation a warm friend of the diggers, a clever man. and of sound judgment), Mr. Robert Benson (another prominent leader of of the diggers. Mr William Hopkins, and myself. The commission met at Harney's hotel, and took evidence, numerous witnesses being examined.  To make a long story short, I may state that the commission of inquiry having received voluminous evidence from all quarters of the maladministration of the goldfields, and the evil effects of the licence tax system, sent in a report to the Government in the following March condemning in the strongest terms the system, of Government that prevailed there, and amply justifying the diggers in all steps they had taken within the constitution to have it altered. Even in the Ballarat outbreak which they condemned, the commission admitted that the diggers had received very strong provocation.”
1901:   Ellen May Harrison was married to Michael James O'Hara at Collingwood.[9]

            1901 England Census –  County of Middlesex, Parish of Ealing, in South West, Ecclesiastical Parish of St John’s, 5 Leyland Rd, Edmund Harrison, Head, aged 70, Journalist retired with Author added, Listed as born London, Hackney. Havent located birth of hime yet.
            Constance Harrison located as a Boarder at 3 Windsor Rd, Ealing. Her age 16, Single, employment undefined, Born Victoria, Australia. Can’t find a birth of her in Victoria. She was residing with a Mrs May Humburger of Ohio, USA, a musician.
Violet  D Harrison a visitor at Crabton Close Rd Carmelisa, Bournemouth, Aged 20, born New Zealand was residing with a George E Norman, physician and surgeon and his family..
1904:   Edmund (Jnr) dies at Melbourne East Hospital age 31[10], and is buried on 25/11/1904 at Melbourne General Cemetery R.C. section, DD, Grave 56.  Couldn't find a marked grave site when I searched for this.
The Age- Thursday November, 24th  1904.

Deaths:  On the 23rd November Edmond, the beloved son of Ellen Harrison, 33 Napier St, Fitzroy, aged 32 yrs, no flowers by request.

Funeral Notice:  The friends of Mrs Ellen Harrison are respectfully invited to follow the remains of her beloved son Edmond to the place of interment, Melbourne Gen Cem.  The funeral will leave her residence, 33 Napier St, Fitzroy tomorrow friday 25th inst. at 3 O clock.

John Daley- Undertaker Latrobe and Spring St Melbourne. Tel 827.

1905:   Ellen Harrison nee Lonergan dies age 55 at Raphael Street Collingwood on 10/07/1905[11], and was buried at 12/07/1905 at Melbourne General Cemetery R.C. section,  DD, Grave 238.  A search for this grave site was unsuccessful.
            The Age,  Tuesday, July 11th 1905

Deaths:  Harrison - On the 10th July at the residence of her son - in law, 30 Raphael St, Abbotsford, Ellen the dearly beloved mother of Louis Harrison, Mrs Keefe, Mrs McCaffrey, Mrs O'Hara, after long suffering.  Aged 55 years.  English and Bendigo Papers please copy.

           The Age, Wednesday, July 12th  1905

Funeral Notices:  Harrison - The friends of the late Mrs Ellen Harrison are respectfully invited to follow her remains to the place of interment, Melbourne General Cemetery.  The funeral will leave her residence, 30 Raphael St. Abbotsford this day Wednesday 12th, inst at 3'O clock.

            John Daley, Undertaker, Latrobe and Spring Sts, Melbourne,  Telephone 827
A book printed in 1911 “Yorick Club Reminiscences - The Yorick club it's origin and development May 1868 to December 1910”  Atlas Press mentions Edmund as a member of the club. Originally the Yorick Club was established for the purpose of bringing together literary men and those connected with literature, art or science. This then changed in 1871 to be “the Yorick club is established for the purpose of bringing together literary, artistic, scientific and professional men.”
The first home for the club was in a room next to the Argus newspaper office.

Page 33
"The club jogged on quietly under various office bearers for some years. It's most active committee men were Simple, Jardine-Smith, James Blackburn, Edmund Harrison (especially thanked for his services in effecting the moving)........" This would have been to the floor above the Stilwell and Co building at 78 Collins St which was owned by Henry Miller of the Bank of Victoria.

In the 1911 census of England and Wales Edmund is living at “The Cottage, Lambton, Heston-Hounslow” aged 82 a retired journalist with his daughters Constance and Violet and a young woman boarding. He is listed as a widower with 4 children to that present marriage. So there is one child we have not accounted for and George Berkeley Junior was also dead by then. Violet was secretary to an art dealer and Constance had a milliner’s business.
1918:   Louis Harrison dies at Mornington age 51[12]. (Agnes his wife is listed as the Licensee for the Grand Hotel Mornington from 21/12/1907 to 23/12/1918)

1921:   Found the death of an Edmund Harrison 31 October 1921, Aged 91 years. Died at 20 Bramley Hill,  South Croydon. Resided 28 Nova Road, Croydon and was formerly a Journalist. Died of senile decay, chronic nephritis and Absemic Coma?
            V D Harrison daughter was present at death resident of 36 Lexham Gardens.
1950: Violet Dunant Harrison died on 17th April 1950 at Sunnybank Hospital, Cannes the sister of Constance Bury.[13]
1959:   Constance Bury nee Harrison died on 26 February at Chelsea, London, England.

[1] Listed in  "History of Bendigo (Published 1899) by G. Mackay
[2] VPRS 290 P Vol 1-27 Unit No 3
[3]Listed in "Bendigo and Vicinity" published about 1900
[5]Marriage Certificate number  4563
[6]Marriage Certificate number 6583
[7]Marriage Certificate number 2822
[8]Birth Certificate number 1214
[9]Marriage Certificate number 3057
[10]Death Certificate number 13197
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[13] April 20th 1950 London Times

Newspaper Articles found on Trove